Oreo Milk Shake

Its exam’s season … Burning heat … kids and parents are both tense … Due to the heat kids always want something cold… Lets make out a special milk shake with all their favourite ingredients… Got this recipe from… madcookingfusions



Oreo biscuits – 8 – 10

Vanilla icecream – 2 cups

Whole milk – 1/4 cup

Chocolate syrup – 4 tsp

You need to be ready with all the ingredients and prepare this milk shake very fast .  Crumble  the oreo biscuits into small pieces with you hands.. Dont make it into fine powder. keep two biscuits aside for garnishing.. Take a bowl and mix icecream and chilled whole milk slowly using spatula.. This mixture should not to thick or too liquid.. Now add the biscuits broken pieces to it . Take a glass and gently pour the chocolate syrup on the walls and bottom of the glass.  Put some biscuit pieces at the bottom and slowly pour the milk and icecream mixture.. Sprinkle some crumbled biscuits on top. Garnish with a whole oreo biscuit on top and serve it immediately.. I am sure kids would just grab it from your hands..


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  1. Hey WOW dear :) thank you so much Jyothi for the link, your shake looks awesome and the pic too, hope you liked it…..!!!

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