Ugadi – Happy New Year

January is the start of the new year according to english calendar. But the new year for telugu people starts on ugadi . yugaadi or ugaadi means start of a  new era. yuga means era.  This date changes every year and every year has new name. This year its going to be known as Vikruti .

Ugadi  brings new year with Shadruchulu or six tastes. and ugadi pacchadi , panchanga (almanac ) sravanam are very important for ugadi.  Its compulsory to bring in new tamarind, mangoes, jaggery, neem  which truly reflect the combination of life.. sweet, sour, bitter …

The special dishes for Ugadi are Mango Pulihora, Bobbatlu or Sweet chapathis and not to forget ugadi pacchadi with Shadruchulu..

I once again wish you all a happy new year …

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  1. Srivalli says:

    Great Festival Spread!

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